Sierato x round21

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Sierato x round21

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Galaxy Game.

Introducing the highly anticipated first collaboration between round21 and the sneaker customizer, Sierato.


This ping pong paddle comes alive through Sierato's classic "galaxy" design. The paddle includes custom work for round21 to symbolize the youthful energy and power that fuels our desire to constantly create and express who we are. 


Cory Bailey a.k.a Sierato is a former Tattoo Artist, Painter, Sneaker, and Fashion Enthusiast, famous for creating one-of-a-kind, high-end custom hand-painted shoes. He has created a significant social media following with his highly detailed and striking work, which is swiftly setting him apart from those who came before him. Specializing in detail anime portrait work, specialty colorways, and his iconic air max drip work that is imitated everywhere. He has created shoes for models like Madzilla and India Love, Celebrities, Pro-athletes (NFL and NBA), and Hip-Hop stars like Fetty Wap, Rich Homie Quan, and The Migos. Sierato's name is short for "spensierato," meaning "Living Carefree" in Italian. 

Sierato on Instagram - here  


  • Showstopping Art: Striking and original in every way, Sierato brings his signature style to a new canvas 
  • Playable Art: Every round21 paddle is made for play & designed to display
  • Crafted to Perform: Ergonomic grip for comfort and control
  • Specialty Wood: Lightweight Japanese beech wood blade provides a perfect balance of viscosity and strength
  • Responsive Sponge Layer: 2mm thick specially designed sponge made from sneaker insole technology for unrivaled control and speed
  • Proprietary Rubber: 0.75 mm thick high traction, tacky top layer with 40A durometer for fast play and control
  • Weight and Balance: 158.6 grams and well-balanced (lighter than most standard paddles on the market)

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