Origin Paddle

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Origin Paddle

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Legacy Starts Here.

The performance paddle, "Origin," is the round21 signature paddle. 


This paddle symbolizes the meaning behind "round21"

  • "round" means unity, community, whole.  Every circle of this design symbolizes one of us as part of the whole. 
  • "2" means collaboration...the side of the paddle fully covered with circles represents everyone coming together, equally. 
  • "1" means the individual / the original...this is all YOU. The player. Own it. 


The founder of round21, Jasmine Maietta, designed this signature round21 paddle at the end of 2020 as a symbol of the legacy the brand will have in the world. For more about Jasmine's background, see here


  • Playable Art: Every round21 paddle is made for play and designed to delight
  • Crafted to Perform: Ergonomic grip for comfort and control
  • Specialty Wood: Lightweight Japanese beech wood blade provides a perfect balance of viscosity and strength
  • Responsive Sponge Layer: 2mm thick specially designed sponge made from sneaker insole technology for unrivaled control and speed
  • Proprietary Rubber: 0.75 mm thick high traction, tacky top layer with 40A durometer for fast play and control
  • Weight and Balance: 158.6 grams and well-balanced (lighter than most standard paddles on the market)

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