round21 ORIGIN 🏀

BB-00 $59.00

We All Start Somewhere.

Introducing "Origin," a new basketball from round21 inspired by the story of the beginning of the brand. 


Designed by the founder of round21, Jasmine Maietta, this ball uses color and shapes to tell the story of the mission behind round21 and our community of athletes everywhere.  

  • YELLOW represents joy and hope that beats within our heart
  • GREEN represents growth and potential ahead 
  • PINK represents the blood rush from the game itself 
  • PURPLE is grounding - keeping us humble on our journey
  • BLUE is inspired by the sky, a limitless ceiling for what's ahead 
  • CIRCLES represent people of all backgrounds & how we're connected 
  • CHECKERS symbolize the building blocks of each moment in our life  
  • CENTRAL CIRCLE depicts center court & tip-off 
  • TOGETHER: This is round21. But, without YOU, there is no US.


  • Versatile and durable composite leather 
  • Nylon/polyester blend winding for great shape retention
  • Rotationally balanced butyl bladder for excellent air retention & true rebound
  • Contemporary wide concave channel for easy grip and channel recognition
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Official size (29.5) and weight
round21 ORIGIN 🏀
round21 ORIGIN 🏀
round21 ORIGIN 🏀
round21 ORIGIN 🏀
round21 ORIGIN 🏀
round21 ORIGIN 🏀