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Free to create. Free to play.

The performance paddle, "Feel Free," is part of the Pieces collection, by Ju Schnee.


When we play, create, and live, it can be wild, chaotic, free and dynamic. The artist embodies this sentiment in "Feel Free" and reminds us to feel it all and make the most of it.


Berlin-based visual artist Ju Schnee, delivers a bold, graphic collection that symbolizes the power of the collective and how we are all part of the whole.

Check out artist Ju Schnee on instagram - here


  • Playable Art: Every round21 paddle is made for play and designed to delight
  • Crafted to Perform: Ergonomic grip for comfort and control
  • Specialty Wood: Lightweight Japanese beech wood blade provides a perfect balance of viscosity and strength
  • Responsive Sponge Layer: 2mm thick specially designed sponge made from sneaker insole technology for unrivaled control and speed
  • Proprietary Rubber: 0.75 mm thick high traction, tacky top layer with 40A durometer for fast play and control
  • Weight and Balance: 158.6 grams and well-balanced (lighter than most standard paddles on the market)

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