Custom 1-of-1 Jersey Set (BAYC)


For Select Ape Owners Only. 

Do not share this link.  1 of 1 Custom: BAYC Owners

Representing the legendary BAYC Apes on a new sports canvas: the Hoop Jersey set. 


round21 kept seeing BAYC x round21 basketball owners wondering when jerseys were next.  As a support to the community, we wanted to give a select group of Ape owners a chance to make their 1 of 1 set.  Only available to 30 Ape owners, this is a hand-assembled custom piece unlike any other.


  • Mid-weight jersey material 

  • Jersey top and shorts

  • Woven tag details with year (2022) 

  • Custom 1 of 1 Ape # and artwork on Jersey top and shorts 

  • True to size