"Take Flyte"

BMH-13 $59.00

Inspiration Flies.

Introducing "Take Flyte," a new mini hoop from round21 inspired by the story of the Large Blue butterfly. 


Like each of us, the Large Blue butterfly is rare and special. And, its story is one of resilience, perseverance, and hope. In 1979, this butterfly species was determined extinct in the world, but conservationist work has successfully reintroduced the Large Blue butterfly back into existence. We see parallels to the story of the Large Blue butterfly and our own existence as humanity in two key ways.  (1) Each of us should be admired both for our individual beauty and our meaningful, complex lives, and (2) with the support and effort of all of us, we can thrive as a species AND as individuals.  All it takes is care and love. 


Just as the Large Blue butterfly is distinguished by the unmistakable row of black spots on its upper forewing, this basketball depicts a color and pattern to match.  In addition, the undersides of the Large Blue are pale brown with black spots. We worked to reflect this beauty in our ball, but it's up to you to match the butterfly's enigmatic and remarkable resilience with your game. 


  • THE BEST PARTS: It's a light-weight, agile, & portable mini hoop. 
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Arrives almost ready to play, simply add the rim and net!  One tool required and included. 
  • QUALITY COMPONENTS: Sturdy polycarbonate backboard with precision digital printing graphics
  • DURABLE STEEL RIM: coated and 180 degree steel rim
  • EASY HANG: Durable steel mount brackets for easy-fit over the door
  • 5” MINI RUBBER BALL INCLUDED:  5” (13 cm) mini basketball included. Inflate to your preferred bounce! 
  • EASY SET UP: Place your backboard over the door or take it outside making anywhere your home court 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT:  2 lbs 
  • NOTE: For the player’s safety, it is not meant for dunking.
"Take Flyte"
"Take Flyte"
"Take Flyte"
"Take Flyte"