#3 "In the Paint"

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SOLD OUT The Wade Collection (2014 authentic)   

HISTORY:  On August 4, 2014, in one of the finest galleries in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, The Brisky Gallery, Dwyane Wade transformed sections of the 2011 NBA All-Star Game basketball court into extraordinary works of art. 

ARTIST: 3x NBA Champion, Dwyane Wade unleashed his creativity in vivid color directly onto this historical canvas, using only his natural brush, the basketball. 

CURATED BY:  The resulting painted court was then resourced by Artist Billi Kid to create extraordinary artworks, including these (10) ten unique “heart” pieces. 

This meticulously crafted heart is approximately 15" in width by 15" in height—acrylic on wood. Water jet cut from a section of the painted court. The provenance of this original artwork is confirmed by a certificate of authenticity signed by Dwyane Wade. 

Background on these pieces can also be found here.   


  • #3 Heart piece - 1 of 1 unique.
  • Only available March 27-28 at Off Court on the NTWRK app 
  • Special Release by: round21
  • Artist: 3x NBA Champion, Dwyane Wade
  • Curated by: Billi Kid
  • Canvas: 2011 NBA All-Star Game basketball court
  • Brush: Dwayne Wade’s natural brush, the basketball
  • Created: August 4, 2014
  • Certified Authentic with paper certificate.
  • List Price: $1000.
  • Size: Approximately 15" x 15"
#3 "In the Paint"
#3 "In the Paint"
#3 "In the Paint"
#3 "In the Paint"