Why you’re here

You’re one of The Ones. Yep, YOU. Your support & love for round21 has shaped who we are today

Since our beginning, you have fueled the round21 mission to unlock self-expression in sports.

A new era begins

As we enter a new era, we are recognizing and rewarding The Ones who have been part of our earliest days while also authenticating your role in the future.

“The Ones” is an honorary membership gift which grants you special access to the full round21 experience as we continue to expand the sports lifestyle landscape from physical collectibles and experiences to gaming, sports fashion, and beyond.

What do you want to know first?


The Ones is a special gift for round21 early-early-early supporters
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How to collect your NFT this summer.
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You’re in good company with this exceptional group :-)
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Benefits of owning The Ones NFT

It’s only a mystery if you’re not one of The Ones

You’ve witnessed round21 deliver collectibles, experiences, connections, and creations designed for today’s sports lifestyle lived both digitally & physically.

Now, as part of The Ones, you’ll get closer to our brand and experience all the best bits, greatest hits and special fits - confirmed on chain.

  • round21 early sports product drops
  • Exclusive IRL & digital experiences
  • Community campaigns featuring The Ones
  • Claimable surprises & services
  • Collections created exclusively for The Ones
  • Access to the round21 Dreammaker project
  • This NFT never expires
  • Access to round21 Customs

How to Collect Your Membership to The Ones

Identify which team you are part of & learn how to collect.


If you're in an early-early-early role, you’ll be able to complete the Pre-mint shared in Discord. If you don't have that role, you won’t qualify for this route.
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If you’re a Core Community Member or Error503 RareBall Holder, you’ll get an email from us. Questions? Email us at [email protected].

Without You, There Is No Us!

The Ones are a collective of leaders, artists, renegades, pioneers, and athletes. Basically, ya’ll are people who do what you love. And, that’s a lot like us.