SelectPass brings you the very best of round21, forever.
It is for Creators. Athletes. Artists. Collectors. Fans. For anyone who brings their passion everywhere they go.

It is for those who shatter the status quo.

A new era begins

Once you join SelectPass your membership is a numbered NFT that secures your spot in our round21 community forever. Your first step is to apply. Access to mint the SelectPass NFT membership will be granted on a rolling basis following a quick interview.

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Benefits of being a member of SelectPass

You’ve witnessed round21 deliver collectibles, experiences, connections, and creations designed for today’s sports lifestyle for todays sports lifestyle - digitally and physically.

Now, as a member of SelectPass, you’ll get closer to our brand and experience all the best bits, greatest hits and special fits - confirmed on chain, forever.

  • round21 early sports product drops

  • Exclusive IRL & digital experiences

  • Community campaigns

  • Claimable surprises & services

  • Access to the round21 Dreammaker project

  • Access to the round21 Customs program

Apply to Join

Joining SelectPass is done on a rolling basis following the completion of a brief application and an interview.

Why an Application?

  • We are building round21 for the long term. This isn’t about tomorrow, or even 2023. We’re talking 2050, and we want you here with us.

  • Building for the long term means curating a community that shares our vision of bringing expression and creativity to the sports lifestyle world.

  • We’re building a community of people that shatter the status quo.

What is the application?

  • Helps us get to know a bit about yourself and your relationship with round21.

  • All are welcome to apply, and if you have been a part of the round21 community up to this point, we’ll just say you have a good shot ;)

Get Started

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SelectPass FAQ’s

Why do I need to apply to join?

round21 is building a brand where sports and culture meet across our digital + physical world and we’re building WITH a community that shares our vision of bringing expression and creativity to the sports lifestyle world. We ask that anyone interested in joining to apply so that we can ensure a high quality and diverse community that will add enormous value to the round21 mission.

What is the process to apply?

Apply by August 1, 2022 to be part of our first Member group and if selected, you will be sent further details on how to set up your MetaMask wallet and prepare for the mint. The mint will happen in August.

What do you look for in the applications?

We're looking for creators, tastemakers and athletes who have a progressive approach to life and actively spend time shattering the status quo.  Sports fans, Artists, Sneakerheads, and Designers are all encouraged to apply. We will also be ensuring our community reflects our mission around equality and inclusivity. In your application, we'd love to get a better understanding about why you want to be part of round21 and our community and how you think about shaking things up where sports, streetwear, culture, art and technology collide.

Will you accept more applications than SelectPasses available for this August round?

Yes. Here’s how it will go. When your application is accepted, you are invited to mint. Applying does not guarantee you will be accepted. If you choose not to mint, your NFT will go to someone else as the mint will be on a first come, first served basis.

What can I expect from being part of SelectPass?

In addition to connecting with other sports x streetwear enthusiasts in the community, you'll be able to access the following - round21 early sports product drops- Exclusive IRL & digital experiences- Community campaigns- Claimable surprises & services- Access to the round21 Dreammaker project- Access to round21 Customs program

What is Web3?

Web3 is an expanded part of the internet that uses blockchain technology and unlocks concepts such as digital ownership for everyone. Because round21 bridges both the digital and physical (“digi-fizzy”) worlds, we believe in the power of web3 technology and are using it to empower a new generation of athletes, tastemakers and sports fans to be part of our collective and collaborative journey unlike any other. 

If I don't know what those words mean, should I still apply?

Yes, we understand this new space can be overwhelming but we’re in it with you and can help along the way.  We’re also tied to the physical world, so there’s a lot to participate in that you know and love beyond web3.

What is an NFT and why do I need to purchase one to join?

NFT (non-fungible token) - is a unique digital asset. Think of an NFT as a one-of-a-kind sports card. An NFT can be used to represent ownership of a variety of digital assets including digital art, music, and can also be tied to physical goods. As a new concept, there are a lot of questions around NFTs, but ultimately we utilize the technology as a digital access pass to the creative world of round21.

What does it mean to mint?

“Minting” is the process of putting a digital asset on the blockchain right before the purchase. Although minting is sometimes thought of as the purchase, it’s actually the step before and starts the purchase process. 

What if I have more questions?

Please email us at [email protected] We gotchu covered.