Aisha Praught-Leer

Jamaica // Track and Field

Aisha Praught-Leer is a 32 year old middle-distance runner from Illinois competing for Jamaica. She is a multi-time national record-holder and the 2018 Commonwealth Games steeplechase gold medalist. She competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics after running the 1500 meters and steeplechase standards in 2015. When she’s not running or beating records, she enjoys listening to music on her record player, watching Bravo, and sustaining a growth mindset.

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Aisha is no stranger to the world's biggest sports stage as a 2x Olympian.

• Commonwealth Games Gold •
• World Finalist •
• Olympian •
• 🇯🇲 Record Holder •

Aisha's view on the world: "someone is going to benefit from this
and it's going to be me."