The Nouns Bag

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The Nouns Bag

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This is not about owning a bag.


On the weekend all eyes are on sport¬†ūüŹą, round21 celebrates the power to create as a community.¬†¬†

This product is also an ūüĒď NFT unlock¬†



Nouns is an inventive collectibles platform‚ÄĒthat believes in the power of community to shape the future of the¬†project.¬† They¬†give¬†the world the rights to create the¬†Nouns story through products, experiences, digital goods, and more. Basically, Nouns¬†is Public Domain.


This round21 Nouns bag is a symbol of empowerment to the people to be as creative, communal, and participatory in the story they want to tell. 


  • VERSATILE: Goes anywhere your creativity does.
  • THE BEST PARTS: Light-weight,¬†cool rounded duffel.¬†
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED:¬†Bag is ready to use at delivery.
  • NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED:¬†Metallic silver faux leather material.¬†
  • SECURES YOUR GOODIES:¬†Zipper closure included.¬†
  • GENDER FLUID:¬†¬†Made for everyone and anywhere you wanna use it.
  • ONLY WHAT YOU NEED, NOTHING YOU DON'T:¬†¬†No long annoying detachable strap. Only the two duffel straps for easy utility.¬†
  • DISCOVERY MOMENTS:¬†¬†Grab your Nouns glasses and take a peek at the surprise and delight details.¬†¬†
  • NOTE:¬†Although you'll take this everywhere, if you're on a yacht, don't throw it overboard because it will sink.¬†