"Origin" Soccer Ball - round21

by round21


Ltd. Edition

Ships August 20.  

What makes us different makes us better. 

The "Origin" soccer ball comes with the core mission of round21 in the form of a warning label --- "being different may inspire others." 


Each of us have a story entirely our own. The Origin soccer ball by round21 celebrates the renegades and independents who change the world. Designed by round21 founder, Jasmine Maietta, this ball also celebrates the soul of round21 as a platform for athletes to represent who they are (on and off the field). 


Jasmine Maietta - founder of round21 


  • THE BEST PARTS: Versatile and durable composite leather cover.
  • QUALITY COMPONENTS: Reinforced fabric lining for great shape retention
  • MADE FOR PLAY: Rotationally balanced butyl bladder for excellent air retention and true rebound
  • GREAT TOUCH: Soft touch EVA foam backing for great cushioning and easy heading
  • 5” MINI RUBBER BALL INCLUDED:  5” (13 cm) mini basketball included. Inflate to your preferred bounce! 
  • WE'RE OFFICIAL: Official size (size 5) and weight
  • PURCHASED ON ROUND21.COM: Comes with Digital Ball NFT ("non-fungible token") which unlocks access to round21 events & future perks until December 31, 2022. 
    "Origin" Soccer Ball - round21
    "Origin" Soccer Ball - round21
    "Origin" Soccer Ball - round21
    "Origin" Soccer Ball - round21
    "Origin" Soccer Ball - round21
    "Origin" Soccer Ball - round21