Detroit Pistons by Vic Garcia - round21

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The official NBALAB ping pong paddle, "Detroit Pistons," is part of the NBALAB x round21 series, by artist, Vic Garcia.


Vic Garcia reimagines the heritage and culture of Detroit basketball and the people who make the city great. Motor City is made of the people who created it.  The Pistons legacy continues on for a new generation of creators, athletes, renegades, and icons embodied in this single work of art.  Beyond the Detroit Pistons mark as the central piece, Vic Garcia details the unique qualities of the city as subtle discovery moments begging the viewer to take a closer look. The perfect gift for the die-hard Detroit Pistons fan.  


Miami-based artist Vic Garcia delivers a youthful and optimistic emotional journey with his work.  In his first-ever round21 collaboration, Vic brings his freestyle creative ethos to a new canvas -- the ping pong paddle. 

Check out artist Vic Garcia on instagram - here


  • Collectible Paddle: Every round21 x NBALAB paddle is hand-assembled making it a unique 1 of 1 for every collector 
  • Limited Edition: This round21 x Vic Garcia collection with NBALAB includes only 75 units worldwide in 2021. 
  • Specialty Wood: Lightweight Japanese beech wood blade provides a perfect balance of viscosity and strength
  • Exclusive Designs By Vic Garcia: Vic Garcia custom designed these works for art only for this round21 x NBALAB drop 
  • Proprietary Rubber: 0.75 mm thick high traction, tacky top layer with 40A durometer for fast play and control
  • Weight and Balance: 158.6 grams and well-balanced (lighter than most standard paddles on the market)

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Detroit Pistons by Vic Garcia - round21
Detroit Pistons by Vic Garcia - round21
Detroit Pistons by Vic Garcia - round21
Detroit Pistons by Vic Garcia - round21