Talks With Bryce Moore

"the only way is up."  

Bryce Moore confidently steps from basketball to business. 

Bryce Moore is a student-athlete/entrepreneur finishing up his final graduate year at Xavier University. He joined Jarrin Randall of round21 to discuss his clothing brand, “One Way” that exemplifies a lifestyle rooted in one, strong belief: “The Only Way is Up.” 

What skills and knowledge have you applied from basketball to the business world when starting a lifestyle clothing brand?  “I would say with my message decisions, determination, and faith. These are the 3 things I piggyback on. Decisions are super important, and having good people around helps me to stay level headed. I also think that having mentors and influential friends are key."

How has being an athlete inspired the values of your clothing brand?  “Getting injured allowed me a lot of time to think.  I realized that regardless of your situation, where you’re from, or what you’re going through, your decisions, determination, and faith, show you the only way is up. That’s how the concept started. It’s a motto I live by.

How did you come up with the One Way logo?  “The logo has wings which are a symbol for the only way is up, and the three dots symbolizes royalty.”

Where did the inspiration behind the brand’s values “decisions, determination, and faith” come from?  “My dad always harps on me about decision making. Decision making is huge. You can go up or down, based on daily decisions." 

What is your main source of daily inspiration?  “Accomplishing the goals that I have set out for myself and not looking to the left or right during that process. I like to have tunnel vision.”

What are you currently working on?  “I am working on relaunching our clothing brand with several different styles of hoodies, shirts, and sweat pants. “ 

What do you envision your brand to ultimately be?  “I envision my brand being known nationwide for its message."

What is your favorite One Way design: “Aero hoodie”

What's a Bryce Moore fit? What are you wearing when you’re going out?  “Black Jeans, One Way lifestyle T-shirt, and Balenciaga track sneakers with a modest chain. Dressing nice and subtle is what I strive for, I never want to be the loudest in the room." 

What would a round21 and One Way collab look like? “I would be able to express myself through the current issues on a paddle and shirt by having a One Way quote, which gives hope in regards to the George Floyd and injustices that are occurring in America.”

SUMMARY  Bryce Moore is an innovator, creator, and inspiration to his generation as he uses his clothing brand to influence and aspire everyone to reach their goals. Be sure to look for more information regarding his clothing line, as he expresses his excitement for his latest designs to release early July 2020. 

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