Meet Brian Bowens

Round21 recently partnered with designer and illustrator Brian Bowens to bring to life “symbol of solidarity” as part of the reflection collection.

Brian otherwise known as “bbketch” Is always up for a challenge

With a visual eye and passion for sports

He is truly skilled in capturing the emotion behind an image

Let’s get to know more of Brian’s background

What do you love most about your city?
My name is Brian Bowens and the place I call home is Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. The thing I love the most is the real sense of community we have in this little town.

Take us to the beginning…what was the inspiration and how do you feel it reflects the idea of social justice or mental health?

E Pluribus Unum (Out Of Many We Are One) – It all started from an original painting to help as a visual aid while speaking at a Peaceful Gathering. An illustration of all kinds of people and their experiences coming together exercising empathy and compassion.

What do you hope players and fans feel when they see the design?
Unity and Solidarity among diverse people

What is a quote for your design that speaks to social justice or mental health?

Solidarity through Empathy and Compassion

Do you have a favorite player in the NBA? What is your favorite team? And, why?

Favorite player is Lebron, however I’m a Sixers fan. I grew up watching Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers! I’m a fan of LBJ and have watched his journey from the beginning.

How would you describe the relationship between art and sport (in general)?
They’re both arenas that allow for peoples’ gifts to be displayed and perfected.

How big of an impact does basketball have on your life?
I love the game of basketball! It’s a strong source of inspiration for me just by seeing greatness demonstrated through natural ability and hard work.

Brain has truly amazing talent to be able to create and connect people through art. Keep up with Brian on instagram here and is own website as well where you can buy his illustrations and follow along his creative journey on his blog

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