Women Who Shatter

Women Who Shatter

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2021 Shatter Hall of Fame

Women's History Month is a monumental celebration of how woman impact our society. And, round21 believes women in art and sport play a disproportionate role in positively shaping our culture by unlocking self-expression and creating more access to play. Here are the women we see shattering the status quo in ART and SPORT.


The new "Shattered" round21 hoop is a symbol of women shattering barriers everywhere.


Amber "The Mayor" Batchelor // Founder, Ladies Who Hoop


Natalie Amrossi // The photographer also known as, Misshattan

Blake Kathyrn // An artist who's work inspires a new reality. See here.

Nneka Ogwumike // A legacy in sports in the making on and off the court.

Jami Crist // A woman who possesses a crazy superpower for building community.

Allison Stewart // A photographer with a passion for making us all feel like extraordinary people.

Khristina Williams // Elevating Women's Sports for today's generation.

Emma Paynes // Her life reminds us we're all heroes (submitted by Erika Singal).

"Emma is a true inspiration for and a living example of the pursuit of the American dream. Through her hard work, persistence and strong work ethic she has transformed her life and fundamentally changed the trajectory of her kids life going forward. She is a true inspiration and someone for whom I hold the utmost regard." - Erika Singal

Nominate a woman for the 2021 Shatter Hall of Fame

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The Sum Up… round21's mission is to make "standing out" the new standard and we see these women (and more) as pioneers creating a culture where shattering the status quo is the norm. So, we'll continue to add and elevate women in sport & art to the Shattered Hall of Fame as the year goes on, culminating in an end of year wrap-up we can't wait to share with you.

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