round21 intern, Mia Conte

round21 intern, Mia Conte

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round21 intern, Mia Conte:
Ambitious, Extroverted, Diligent, and Warm-hearted

Hi everyone! I’m Mia, and am so excited you stumbled upon my round21 introduction. If you can’t tell, I love meeting new people.

A little about me....This fall (2020), I’ll be a junior at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, taking classes, running track (I'm a sprinter on the track and field team) and a tour-guide for the office of admissions (and am known for giving the fastest paced tours).  It's obvious to most, but I love juggling a lot of different activities.  I double major in psychology and political science with a minor in rhetoric, writing and media studies. I’m also a part of Trinity’s social media associate team: better known as SOMA. In addition, I started a small photography business where I absolutely love to shoot athletes training to display their grind, effort, and passion. I happen to dabble in portrait photography as well.

Where did your love for sports originate from?

Growing up, I always played on teams with older girls and tried to beat the boys in races during recess. Soccer was my first love when my parents handed me famous soccer star Mia Hamm’s children’s book called “Winners never Quit” when I was 5 years old. Her story instilled a love for the work it takes to be great. I excelled at soccer, especially on defense and could outrun and outwork anyone. 

My mom saw my speed and put me in my first race I was in the 5th grade. A few years later I was recruited to play soccer at a prep school in the 8th grade and got injured on Varsity early into my freshman year of high school. I then ran track in the spring placing 6th in the 100 meters Championship meet as a freshman. My success in sprinting shifted my focus to running track as my main sport, and now I compete as Division III track and field athlete at Trinity College.

Who are some of your favorite artists to listen to?
I’m always listening to PnB Rock, Drake, and PartyNextDoor.

What is your favorite type of food?
I love Mediterranean food and any type of seafood!

What is your favorite book?
Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck or Automatic Habits by James Clear

What is your favorite mantra/quote?
“Trust the Process”

Where did your passion for photography come from?

This is so random, but I knew I always had an artsy side to myself but I don’t think I truly understood as a child what that was. Growing up I was really into interior design and created new room designs with colors similar to a mood board. I guess that has translated to trying photography. I’m still developing my style but I want to take photos to bring out the natural beauty and personality of everyone I photograph.

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