Artist Feature: Lola Blu

Artist Feature: Lola Blu

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Self-taught artist and drummer, Lola Blu paints her passion for social justice and mental health onto a canvas using her “stream of consciousness” approach. Well-immersed in pop culture, Lola evokes happiness and connectedness through her piece, Opening Minds which is part of round21's Reflexion Collection.


What do you love most about your city?

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Miami Beach, Florida. I love the weather, the culture, and—of course—the constant party vibes. I can't get away from the gorgeous cotton candy sunsets! Miami is a paradise!


Take us to the beginning… what was the inspiration and how do you feel it reflects the idea of social justice or mental health?

When I first started drawing and doodling, it was a way for me to express what I was feeling—like a diary, only without any words. It slowly developed into a stream of consciousness in which I allowed my mind to be completely uninhibited and just let the pen take me through the journey. After about 10 big paper pieces, which I considered my "first portfolio," I applied the same “stream of consciousness” method to painting my drums, my car, my walls and… THE REST IS REALLY HISTORY! I think I've drawn on almost every type of surface now—all using the same method and state of mind! Allowing my mind to just let go and create was a way for me to concentrate on something and nothing simultaneously. It became my escape, a way to keep myself grounded, focused, and present. Mental health is something we all need to take care of; it’s just about finding what works for each of us to maintain that balance.


What do you hope players and fans feel when they see the design?

Honestly, I hope the art makes them feel HAPPY and connected to me. I hope they see a little bit into the depths of my mind and soul through all the colors and the patterns! Art is all about expression, the artist, and the viewer. I pour my love and heart into each piece I make, so I hope they feel love when they see my art!

Make your state of mind an absolute priority and check in with yourself daily! Do things that bring you happiness and joy always! Find the things that spark joy in your life and run with it!

- Lola Blu

Do you have a favorite player in the NBA? What is your favorite team, and why?

Lebron James & Miami Heat! The Heat is favorite because THEY ARE MY HOME TEAM, BABY!



How would you describe the relationship between art and sport (in general)?

They are both about expressing your creativity; one is on the canvas and the other is in the playing field/on the court. It's being passionate about what you do and how you do it while maintaining your individuality!



How big of an impact does basketball have on your life? 

I love the time of the year when basketball season is on. Seeing the entire city come together to support their team and the players brings me joy! Their commitment, discipline, and drive is admirable and inspirational.


The Sum Up… Lola’s joyful, musical style coupled with her passion for sports allows her to tie mental health and social justice into sports. Follow Lola on Instagram or visit her website to view her portfolio and keep up with her artistic journey, like we are!

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