Artist Feature: SURGE shows us love

Artist Feature: SURGE shows us love

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When observing the work of the artist SURGE, his message of love resonates deeply: while we are all the same on the inside, we should also embrace what is on the outside.


From his home in Miami, SURGE’s design for round21 - of a hand clutching a heart - evokes a sense something we can all give and feel: LOVE



Where do you call home and what do you love most about your city?

Sergio J. Quiñonez (aka, SURGE) - Living in sunny Fort Lauderdale. I love South Florida’s diverse culture. It’s full of life, bright beautiful colors and amazing people.



Take us to the beginning...what was the inspiration for your round21 paddle?

My inspiration was simple. To spread love, not hate. This is a message that I have been painting on walls and canvases for the past 7 years by utilizing my iconic hands, clutching a heart. Showing everyone that inside, we’re all the same. But what’s outside, should also be embraced.



What do you hope people feel when they see your design? I hope they “feel” the message and really take it in. I hope they reflect on whether they are spreading love everyday and pause and think about how it is possible for them to do that.

“Spread Love. Not Hate.”


How would you describe the relationship between art and sport (in general)?

I am as passionate about sports, as I am of art. I like that brands are starting to see that art brings color and life to anything, including round21.


The Sum Up…“SPREAD LOVE, NOT HATE” epitomizes the importance of loving one another and demonstrates the critical role art plays in promoting self-reflection. SURGE’s art is both eye-catching and meaningful, and you can follow his future work through his Instagram and website, like we are!

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