Fashion and Function: The Only Way Is Up

Fashion and Function: The Only Way Is Up

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Bryce Moore is a student-athlete/entrepreneur who’s finishing up his final graduate year at Xavier University. His clothing brand titled, “One Way” is a clothing line that exemplifies a lifestyle with a signature catchphrase being, “The Only Way is Up.” 

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Image provided by Bryce Moore

Q: What skills and knowledge have you applied from basketball to the business world when starting a lifestyle clothing brand?

A. “I would say with my message decisions, determination, and faith. These are the 3 things I piggyback on. Decisions are super important, and having good people around helps me to stay level headed. I also think that having mentors and influential friends are key. “

Q. How has being an athlete inspired your values in your clothing brand?

A. “Getting injured allowed me a lot of time to think. That’s how the concept started. It’s a motto I live by. Being different and having a message based brand is what means the most to me. It’s a reminder and as the brand says, the only way is up. “Regardless of your situation, where you’re from, or what you’re going through, with decisions, determination, and faith, the only way is up.”

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Image provided by Bryce Moore

Q. What was the inspiration behind “One Way”? 

A. “Wanting to have meaning within the fashion industry. I felt like there wasn’t a brand that implemented the message that I’m trying to get across. You can look at the brand, see the slogan, and feel the message in which I am trying to get across “ 

Q. What clothing brand or fashion brand do you admire the most?

A. “Fear Of God, and Vlone. “

Q. What is something people wouldn’t guess about you just by looking at you? 

A. “I received my undergraduate degree in accounting and I am currently finishing my master’s in business administration. I also like to play the tenor saxophone.” 

Q. Where did the inspiration behind the brand’s values “decisions, determination, and faith” come from? 

A. “My dad always harps on me about decision making. Decision making is huge. Either u can go up or down based on daily decisions. “ 

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Image provided by Bryce Moore

Q. What are you currently working on?

A. “I am working on relaunching our clothing brand with several different styles of hoodies, shirts, and sweat pants. “ 

Q. What do you envision your brand to ultimately be? 

A. “I envision my brand being known nationwide for its message.”

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Image provided by Bryce Moore

Q. What is your main source of daily inspiration? 

A. “Accomplishing the goals that I have set out for myself and not looking to the left or right during that process. I like to have tunnel vision.” 

Q. Talk about your relationship with Yogi Ferell (NBA Player). Is he a brand ambassador for One Way? 

A: “I’ve known Yogi since grade school and he played basketball with my older brother. We also went to high school together and basketball gave me the opportunity to connect with him and as well as other basketball players. Yogi is not a brand ambassador however, I do plan on having a few once we relaunch. 

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Image provided by Bryce Moore

Q. What’s your favorite shoe?

A. “Yeezys because of the comfortability, you can’t beat Yeezys when it comes to comfort and style. They both go hand in hand.” 

Q. Which artist inspires you the most? 

A. “Virgil Abloh” 

Q. What's the "Bryce Moore " fit? What are you wearing when you’re going out?

A. “Black Jeans, One Way lifestyle T-shirt, and Balenciaga track sneakers with a modest chain. Dressing nice and subtle is what I strive for, I never want to be the loudest in the room. “

Q. Any advice he would give student-athletes that want to be entrepreneurs? 

A. “Study business and make the most out of being a student-athlete. Use your free education as a tool to help further your future with what you love to do.” 

Q. Has the quarantine sparked any new ideas for your brand?   

A. It’s definitely given me more time to sit down and focus on my business plan and altering it. It also allows me to focus on the back end of One Way lifestyle. For example, I am now having my supplier ship out my inventory for me instead of doing it myself. I’ve also created a team so that I can focus on other things regarding the business. “ 

Q. What is your favorite One Way design?

A. “Aero hoodie”

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Q. How did you come up with the One Way logo? What is the concept behind it?

A. “The logo has wings which are a symbol for the only way is up, and the three dots symbolizes royalty.” 

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Image provided by Bryce Moore

Q. What artists are you currently listening to? 

A. “Lil Durk, G Herbo, Polo G, and Lil Baby. “

Q. Do you plan on doing any type of mentoring in the near future? 

A. “Yes, with the new nonprofit app I plan on launching, my plan is to teach financial literacy. I’ll be teaching what I learned from my undergraduate degree which is in Accounting. I also would like to bring in athletes with videos regarding other athletes sharing Q and A-type questions.” 

Q. Do you have any hobbies? If so what are they? 

A. “Playing the saxophone, listening to audiobooks. I’m big on self-empowerment and I like maximizing my time.“

Q. What would a round21 and One Way collab look like?

A. “I would be able to express myself through the current issues on a paddle and shirt by having a One Way quote, which gives hope in regards to the George Floyd and injustices that are occurring in America.” 

Jarrin Randall
Jarrin Randall

I am an athlete, entrepreneur, podcast host, and intern at round21 embarking on a career within the sports industry.

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