Expression In A Changing World

Expression In A Changing World

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Expression Always Welcome. 


Tomorrow marks a monumental moment in our modern society. 2020 has been a year of immense change, selfexpression, unpredictability, and youth empowerment. The Black Lives Matter movement has arguably received the most attention this past summer and the majority of its momentum has sparked from teenagers and young adults unifying with an energy to have their voices heard. Young adults have not lost their momentum; in fact, the youth has the stage now more than ever just in time for the 2020 Presidential Election.


Source: NY Mag


Why does this matter to round21?

Right now, everyone has the opportunity to express their beliefs on a ballot. round21’s vision is to bring the identity of the athlete to life, and self-expression is imperative in this process. While round21 has always provided a platform for people to embrace their individuality, we can all take advantage of a much larger platform and have each and every one of our voices heard on a ballot this election year. 



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In an article titled, “Why Vote in 2020? The Election Is Not Just About Trump vs. Biden,” Teen Vogue stresses 2020 is an essential year to have your voice heard. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, record-setting wildfires, and some of the largest protests against racism and social justice in modern history, irreversible decisions will be made for our country following this presidential decision. No matter your stance on these issues, it is essential to find your voice on a ballot this November. Teen Vogue staff puts it best: “Vote for your community, your family, your friends, for clean air and water, for people locked in cages, for control over your body, for love over hate” (Teen Vogue).