College Hoops Is Back!

College Hoops Is Back!

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Bring the Game Home

For companies looking to reduce zoom fatigue and to boost employee engagement, this year's brackets mean more than just bragging rights. Using sports as a way to connect employees remotely, has three unique benefits:

#1 Creates a fun work environment

#2 Adds mini breaks, especially if gameplay is encouraged

#3 Encourages spontaneous engagement around wins and "close calls"

Engaging your employees around March Madness is easy!

Send them a link to the bracket for mens & women's games (Women's bracket to be added here after Selection Monday)

Grab a Final 4 Pack as rewards for the winners to encourage self-expression and playful moments working from home.

Once the tournament wraps, send your winners this link to capture their mini hoop choice and round21 will drop ship the product to them! 

The Sum Up… round21 is redefining "REC" through the lens of Recreation x Equality x Creativity and our products and brand helps people working from home feel a little better about it ;)

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