Artist feature: Cornelius β€œHank” Washington

Artist feature: Cornelius β€œHank” Washington

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Artist Hank Washington’s ardor for social justice has fueled his success as an art designer, director, and illustrator.


Born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi, Hank coins an animated style that is often distinguishable by its vibrant, fuzzy simplicity. Keep reading to enter the mind behind “Fuzzies.”


Take us to the beginning...what was the inspiration behind your art and how do you feel it reflects the idea of social justice?

Being a black man, and artist and experiencing racism, directly and indirectly, has been a driving force in my work. What we are all experiencing is how powerful our voices and emotions are. As a collective, we have the power and responsibility to speak up for those who can't and for those who are afraid. It also takes more than just being loud. Being proud is what fuels our fight for heritage and the culture of the future.



What do you hope people feel when they see your design?

I hope people feel a subtle sense of bravery and motivation to stand up for who they are and what is right at times of seriousness and play.


Be brave. Be proud. Be you.

- Hank Washington

How would you describe the relationship between art and sport (in general)?

Even though there's more of a strategic and physical approach to sports, there's also a beauty in the execution aspect that can mirror the stroke of a brush, the flash of a camera, or the pluck of an acoustic string.



The Sum Up… By his slightly random collection of objects and people in an animated, bubbly form, Hank urges his audience to own their style. To be proud of and vocal about one’s beliefs. Join round21 in keeping up with Hank by following his instagram or visiting his website here.


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