Artist Always Activated:   Set Free Richardson

Artist Always Activated: Set Free Richardson

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Artist. Creative. Entrepreneur. Set Free Richardson can be called many things.  We see Set Free Richardson as unifier. His uncanny ability to bridge the gap between the sports, music, fashion, and entertainment industries coupled with a complete understanding of the ways in which these markets work is what makes him so valuable to the culture.

Background.  As a DJ in Philadelphia, Richardson was approached by AND1 to lead the charge as their Director of Entertainment Marketing. What followed was the formation of the AND1 mixtape tour, sweeping the country under his direction as he was able to adequately blend hip-hop and streetwear with the grittiness of streetball. From there, Set Free embarked on a journey to unify creatives and build a collaborative space to revolutionize all four industries.

For more than 15 years, Richardson has developed partnerships with brands, artists, athletes, and entertainers that have looked to him for creative inspiration. Armored with unlimited ideas and positive creative influence, he has played a major role in marketing campaigns of notable brands and figures like Nike, EA Sports, Nas, and Mos Def. In 2007, he founded The Compound gallery in the South Bronx, a space for creatives to bounce ideas off of one another and challenge the standards of society through their work.

"Compound is not your average agency, it is comprised of a collective group of creative, intoxicating and brilliant minds hatching, cooking and serving up some of the most bold, fresh and off the wall visual concepts and ideas. We use visual communication to influence, entertain, inform and enlighten observing audiences of products, ideas and messages.” 

- Set Free Richardson

The Compound has since served as a necessary space that promotes artistic expression and freedom. Set Free Richardson’s cultural impact is evident given all that The Compound has provided to creators alike. Richardson is a not just a creative mind, but a connector with an intense passion for assisting others in finding their creative and artistic callings. In our current time period where division amongst people seems to be at its highest point, Set Free continues to push boundaries by fostering collaboration. Without each other, little progress can be made and Set Free Richardson is the engine that drives unity within the sports, music, fashion, and entertainment industries. 

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